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About the Artist

About the artist- Suzanne Doller

Although interested in art for many years, Suzanne has just recently begun to sculpt, owing to her husband Paul, the credit for allowing her the time and resources to pursue this desire of her heart. She considers this work a fruit of her spiritual walk.

Suzanne returned to the full Sacramental life of the Catholic Church in the late 1980's, coinciding with her committed involvement in the Operation Rescue movement, a loose- knit ecumenical organization which advocated peaceful pro-life activism by staging sit-ins in front of abortion clinic doors for the purpose of counseling mothers and saving unborn children.

Suzanne has been blessed with a son ,Casey, and a step-daughter, Kaycee.(yes, they are pronounced the same- God has a sense of humor).

She has been a practicing registered nurse for 25 years.

Suzanne is currently a cordbearer with the Tertiary Franciscans of the Primitive Observance (TFPO's) based in Emmittsburg, MD.

Suzanne and Paul attend the Traditional Latin Mass at St Lawrence Chapel, Harrisburg, PA.

A portion of all sales will be donated to local and/or national pro-life organizations.



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